How can you help our community?

We're excited to hear more about your company and why you might make sense as an event sponsor of the 2021 Powderkeg Unvalley Spring Conference.

Please take a minute to complete this simple application. Once submitted, we'll review and our Head of Partnerships Casey Bolsega will reach out via email on next steps.

This application will help us:

  • Better understand how you can help some of the fastest growing tech companies in our community 
  • Determine if there's alignment with the needs of our community 
  • Save time! After we review your application we'll know right away the best next step for you to plug in and make an impact 

As a sponsor you'll have access to: 

  • Inclusion on marketing materials surrounding the launch, registration, promotion, in-event and post-event follow-up
  • Sponsored speaking spots
  • Shout-out during event programming
  • Comp tickets to use with your team or share with prospects
  • Virtual booth with lead-gen, ability to host and schedule private 1-1 chat and video conversations, ability to stream live video sessions and live chat